Three reasons you should visit Borrowdale

So many have dreams of visiting the Lake District, and with the varied and dramatic landscape, it’s easy to see why. However, the vastness can seem intimidating to the first time visitor, so we’ve gathered a few facts about one of our favourite places to help you along.

1. There are lots of historic activities

Long a haunt of lovers of history, Borrowdale features a remarkable amount of important historic sites. Perhaps the most famous is the visually striking and continuously impressive Castlerigg Stone Circle, the Neolithic monument blanketed in mystery and regarded as a major prehistoric landmark around the world.

The Lake District has also played a major part in the country’s literary history, with writers and artists such as Beatrix Potter drawn to its magic and inspired by its dramatic landscapes.

2. It’s destined to be a major Star Wars attraction

Filming for the latest Star Wars film took place in the summer of 2014, and continued until December. It’s well known that the popularity of Game of Thrones boosted tourism in Northern Ireland; the same can be expected in the Lake District after the release of the highly anticipated Star Wars film. Seeing the area’s natural landscape for yourself before the rush is an absolute must.

3. England’s highest peak is yours for the conquering

For those searching for adventure, there’s surely no greater challenge in England than Scafell Pike, the beautiful 978 metre tall mountain nearby, and one of the three British peaks climbed as part of the National Three Peak Challenge. Situated in a dramatic horseshoe of stunning fells, the mountain is perfectly situated for visitors to Borrowdale who are eager to try their hand at climbing.

Why not make the most of your trip and stay over with us here at The Borrowdale Gates for a truly wonderful experience.

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