Explore a whisky distillery in the most beautiful setting

There’s a new attraction to the Lakes that we think many of our guests will be paying a visit to: the Lakes Distillery in Bassenthwaite. Renovated from an 1850s Victorian model farm, the distillery brews world-class spirits and provides tours to intrigued members of the public who would like some insight into how delicious whisky, gin and vodka is made.

Although Scotland tends to be synonymous with whisky, the Lake District provides the perfect environment for a distillery: spring water from the famous River Derwent, clean, fresh air, and beautiful rolling hills and mountains. In the past, the area has been infamous for an illicit whisky distilling scene, with one particularly well-known distiller named Lancelet ‘Lanty’ Slee, who notoriously sold his illegal wares to a local magistrate. It seems only natural for the Lakes Distillery to continue making whisky in the area, although unlike Lanty, they are fully licensed and operating within the law!

You can hear more about the history of the area as well as the technical aspects of distilling spirits when you join one of the Lakes Distillery’s tours. You’ll even get to taste some of their produce. The tours are suitable for the whole family, providing that those under 18 are accompanied by an adult.

The Lakes Distillery is just a short 20 minute drive from us here at the Borrowdale Gates Hotel, making it the ideal spot for a trip out or an evening meal in their gorgeous bistro. Due to its gorgeous location, right besides Bassenthwaite Lake, you could make a day of it and go fell-walking through the beautiful rolling hills. Heaven!