The exquisite rock-climbing experiences of the Lake District

There’s an undeniable thrill to rock-climbing that hinges on the fact that you must conquer a gauntlet thrown down by nature itself. The challenge is exhilarating and the sense of achievement is incomparable. It’s a feeling that new climbers long for and experienced climbers have learned to savour. But where’s the best place in Britain to experience this unique thrill? Right here in the Lake District, of course!

Not only does the Lake District offer an enormous variety of different climbing routes for both beginners and seasoned cragsmen, it also provides spectacular backdrops for the sport. When you reach the top of a climbing route in the Lake District, you get to turn around and view a panorama of unparalleled beauty. What better way could there be to celebrate your triumph?

To make things easier for prospective climbers, the Lake District has a wide selection of organisations that offer climbing instruction and sell equipment. Beginners can get a valuable introduction to the sport from Golakes, whereas more experienced climbers can obtain valuable information from the Fell and Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District. Female climbers will be delighted to hear about Women Rock, which aims to provide climbing experiences and adventures that are specifically tailored to each client’s needs.

The Borrowdale Gates hotel is ideally located for climbing enthusiasts. Many of the Lake District’s most pristine climbing areas are easily accessible from our position. In fact, Borrowdale itself offers a vast array of routes to challenge cragsmen and cragswomen of all levels of ability. If you yearn for the challenge of rock-climbing, come to the Lake District and stay at Borrowdale Gates!