Go red squirrel peeping in the Lake District

Beatrix Potter made Squirrel Nutkin famous, but the Lake District is also renowned for being just one of a few places in England where the native, endangered red squirrel can be found.

When visiting the Lake District, the abundance of wildlife and nature will surely prove a wonderful feast for the eyes, but glimpsing a timid red squirrel can be the icing on the cake for anyone staying in the area.

Much conservation work has been carried out in recent years to ensure the red squirrel population thrives in the Lake District, where it lives under the constant threat of being outstripped by its grey cousin. When out hiking, climbing or cycling in the Lake District, you have every chance of spying one of these national treasures, so make sure to take your camera and binoculars with you at all times.

There are, of course, a few places worth visiting where you can increase your chances of spotting a red squirrel. Whinlatter Forest Park near Keswick is one such place. Red squirrels are actively protected here, so if you are patient, you stand a good chance of seeing a squirrel at a feeder, or moving high up in the trees. Dodd Wood, also near Keswick, is a hotspot for red squirrels, and if you follow the path towards the Osprey viewpoint, you may catch red squirrels on the feeders below the viewing platform. The Keswick to Threlkeld Railway footpath is also a place to head to for red squirrel peeping.