Are you feeling creative? If so, the Lake District may be the perfect place for you

The Lake District is one of Britain’s most undeniably beautiful and winsome regions. It is therefore hardly surprising that the Lake District has attracted innumerable creative individuals and artists over the years. The poet Coleridge once commented that people ought to view the Lake District “their eyes open, and their hearts awake”.

Throughout the centuries, writers such as Dr John Dalton have tackled the Lake District in verse, while painters such as Joseph Farington and George Beaumont have attempted to capture its beauty and wild power on canvas.

If you consider yourself artistic or creative, you owe it to yourself to come to the Lake District and record its stunning locales and atmosphere in your own way. Whether you practise painting or photography, prose or poetry, the Lake District is guaranteed to inspire you.

Today, you can draw inspiration from nature by visiting the Lake District national park, which is located right outside the gates of our hotel. You can also visit more recent, man-made landmarks (such as the just-opened Lake Distillery) that’s situated in the stunning landscape in a way that they are certain to stir feelings of artistic inspiration.

Of course, when you are done painting, photographing, drawing or writing about the Lake District, you’ll need somewhere to relax and rest. Luckily, we are a 4-star hotel in an excellent location for budding artists, photographers and writers who want the Lake District at their fingertips. So, why not book yourself in? The Lake District is bound to delight and inspire you, and we can guarantee that our accommodation will do the same!