How to stay safe when walking in the Lake District in winter

Here at the Borrowdale Gates hotel, the Lake District’s incredible national park is just outside the front door. However, you may be somewhat worried about exploring this area of outstanding national beauty during the harsh winter months. After all, you don’t want to get lost during the coldest part of the year or risk slipping on icy paths. But there are ways to manage the slight risks associated with walking in the Lake District during winter. The national park has a crisp beauty during the colder months that you shouldn’t miss out on simply because of cold weather!

1. Safety

The risk of slipping is always present when you go walking in any natural environment during the winter. However, it’s easy to reduce this risk by wearing sensible shoes that are designed to grip the ground effectively. You should also let someone know where you’re going and what time to expect you back, so that if anything does happen, you’ll know someone will come along to help you. Luckily, it’s very unlikely that anything too serious will happen anyway.

2. Navigation

Winter is the worst time of year to get lost, especially in the Lake District: the routes you can walk on are very exposed to the elements. Nonetheless, if you stick to established tracks and take a map with you, you should be able to find your way around perfectly well.

3. Staying warm

You should always dress appropriately when walking or hiking in the Lake District; choose warm, waterproof clothes that can protect you from cold weather and precipitation.

Many people who aren’t experienced hikers worry about walking in the Lake District’s gorgeous national park during winter, but there’s no need for concern. If you follow the advice above, you can explore the area both safely and comfortably. And don’t forget, you’ll be able to return to our warm, luxurious four-star hotel when you’re done!