The importance of eating local

We’re so lucky in the United Kingdom to be able to produce some of the best tasting produce in the world. We have rich soil for delicious vegetables and high quality grass for grazing livestock, and our island status means that you’re never far away from fresh seafood.

In the Lake District, you’ll find some of the best produce that the UK has to offer. Here’s why we think it’s so important that we utilise what can be found locally.

Local business

It’s important to support independent businesses. They keep our local economies booming and encourage tourists to the area. Not only that, but independent shops add character to a village or town and those that run them offer expert knowledge that larger chains lack.


It’s far better for the planet to buy local (and to buy in season, as well!), as it means that no extra travel miles need to be used in order to get those carrots on to your plate.


When you buy local, you’re purchasing the freshest produce around. Not only is to better for you when it hasn’t been sat on a supermarket shelf for days on end, but it tastes much better as well.

At Borrowdale Gates, we source our produce locally wherever we can in order to deliver you the best tasting food possible. From your morning toast to the roast beef we serve up on a Sunday, our menu is filled with delicious and sustainable food. To taste it for yourself, book your stay with us today.

The finer things in life – indulge in gourmet dining

Indulge in a stay at our beautiful four-star hotel with unbelievable meals at the AA Rosette Awarded Restaurant, regarded as one of the best service establishments throughout Cumbria. With ingredients sourced from 16 of the best farms, bakers and suppliers throughout the Lake District, Borrowdale Gates Hotel has garnered a fantastic reputation for providing only the highest standards in exquisite cuisine.

We love Cumbria and dedicate ourselves to nurturing only the best of the natural produce of this untouched region. Our enticing menu features delicacies such as venison, sea bass, and the renowned Hardwick lamb, exclusive to Borrowdale. Using only the freshest of ingredients, we take advantage of the best of the sumptuous seasonal ingredients to ensure sustainability in the lifestyle of our service, as well as the natural flavours of fresh, natural and organic food.

Our passions truly lie in desserts, as our extensive menu of homemade treats displays through variety as well as the ingenuity of our modern twists on timeless classics. Making exceptional use of fresh fruits, creams and the finest chocolate, the craftsmanship of these unbelievable courses will draw you back to the hotel time and time again.

An escape to Borrowdale Gates Hotel is truly Cumbrian throughout all experiences and we are sure that our food reflects this in the best way possible. So why not organise a retreat from modern life into picturesque Cumbria, indulging in the finer things in life at our restaurant as well as spending time in the natural surroundings whether that be hiking, trekking or bird-watching?

Birdwatchers welcome at Borrowdale Gates

Cumbria remains one of England’s most rural and unspoilt counties, with far less human traffic than many places in the UK. Because of this, nature flourishes, and the Lake District area is a haven for spotting all sorts of species which you might not see in other locations.

Keen bird watchers are just starting to discover the Lake District. Because the wildlife seems to outnumber the humans, there are lots of birds to be seen, and we’ve had some exciting finds reported on bird watching websites as more bird watchers arrive.

If you’re interested in watching the avian world, the Lake District has plenty of places to visit. Depending on your level of skill, there’s a bird watching spot perfect for you. Obviously, we have rivers and lakes, but you can also spot birds on the valleys and hill side ridges. A lot of our county is classed as high ground, over 400 m from sea level, so expect to see some unusual sights.

You can get to the Solway Firth from Borrowdale Gates in about an hour, where you’ll find Campfield Marsh RSPB reserve. Barnacles, avocets and oyster catchers are regular sights, while birds of prey like falcons and harriers circle the marshes. If you don’t mind bird watching off the beaten track, head east to Herdhill Scar, where you’ll be rewarded with views of the Solway Skua.

If you’re keen to stay within the boundaries of the Lake District, another RSPB site, Haweswater, is home to colonies of eagles, buzzards and peregrine falcons. It’s also Britain’s only recognised breeding colony of golden eagles.

Hodbarrow is Cumbria’s largest coastal lagoon, and at just over 90 minutes from Borrowdale Gates, it may seem a bit of a trek, but it’ll be worth it because not only are you promised views of glebes, terns and warblers, there’s also a high likelihood of spotting a few seals in the estuary.

Round off your day with one of our delicious meals and a comfy bed at Borrowdale Gates, and enjoy memories of the wonderful wildlife that the Lake District has to offer.