The importance of eating local

We’re so lucky in the United Kingdom to be able to produce some of the best tasting produce in the world. We have rich soil for delicious vegetables and high quality grass for grazing livestock, and our island status means that you’re never far away from fresh seafood.

In the Lake District, you’ll find some of the best produce that the UK has to offer. Here’s why we think it’s so important that we utilise what can be found locally.

Local business

It’s important to support independent businesses. They keep our local economies booming and encourage tourists to the area. Not only that, but independent shops add character to a village or town and those that run them offer expert knowledge that larger chains lack.


It’s far better for the planet to buy local (and to buy in season, as well!), as it means that no extra travel miles need to be used in order to get those carrots on to your plate.


When you buy local, you’re purchasing the freshest produce around. Not only is to better for you when it hasn’t been sat on a supermarket shelf for days on end, but it tastes much better as well.

At Borrowdale Gates, we source our produce locally wherever we can in order to deliver you the best tasting food possible. From your morning toast to the roast beef we serve up on a Sunday, our menu is filled with delicious and sustainable food. To taste it for yourself, book your stay with us today.