In-Depth Tourist Guides Now Available

Cumbria’s Living Heritage have produced a great Heritage Past Port guide, downloadable from their website, that lists all the unique, secret and not-so-secret attractions to be discovered in the Lake District.

Included wonders among the 33 must-see sites are:

  • A letter ‘written in the hand of God’
  • A 700-year old cat and a fish from the last ice age
  • A bee penthouse
  • ‘First edition’ Beatrix Potter books, sketchbooks, journals, and original artwork in the Beatrix Potter Gallery, to celebrate her 150th birthday
  • A tracing of the life of William Wordsworth
  • William Morris wallpaper
  • A glimpse into the 17th Century Radish Feast
  • England’s largest window
  • A 900-year-old pillar
  • A collection of historic motor cars, including those owned by Sir Malcolm and Donald Campbell.
  • A chance to learn the Arthurian legend of Sir Gawain and the Greene Knights
  • Muncaster Castle, one of the most haunted buildings in the UK
  • The Quaker Tapestry Museum
  • The aero-engine of the Halifax Bomber LL05
  • The National Trust’s largest collection of medieval and culinary plants
  • The Acorn Bank, owned by the Knights Templar in the 13th Century
  • Topiary depictions of Queen Elizabeth and her Maids of Honour, the Judge’s Wig and monarchy chess pieces
  • The 21 fruits of pomology
  • The Healing Herb Garden

The Heritage Past-Port can be used by group travel organisers to plan your itinerary, and the Cumbria’s Living Heritage website features maps and a group planning tool giving further information about each attraction, including free parking.