Mass tree planting event in the Lake District!

There is to be a Mass Tree Planting in the Lake District. There is going to be over 1,400 trees! Volunteers, local residents, and even school children are gathering together to plant various different trees on 10th February.

There will be five sites in which the Mass Planting will occur and more than 90 people will take part at all the sites. The sites in the Lake District include: Coledale near Braithwaite; Fell Foot shore Windermere, Glencoyne Park in Ullswater, Hoathwaite Coniston and Wasdale.

The aim of the mass planting is to generate new woodland and replace tree cover that has been now unfortunately lost. Many of the trees across The Lakes are classed as veteran trees and are deteriorating and coming to the end of their life. The idea is that the more young trees that are planted will help to form a better communication with the wildlife through ‘corridors’ and form a new age structure in these areas. This makes it the perfect home for birds in the area.

However, in Braithwaite and other areas, the Mass Tree Planting Event in The Lakes is about water and soil management. The thought process behind this is to develop a more stable landscape against damage caused by heavy rain during the winter months. With major storms becoming more frequent they are therefore also becoming more dangerous. The Assistant Director of the National Trust in the Lake District said this and added that the special qualities of the Lakes needs to be retained such as farming and collective grazing.

If you’re thinking of coming to volunteer in the mass planting then come and stay with us after the long day and book a room at the Borrowdale Gates Hotel now!