Family bike ride in the Lake District UK, featuring easy cycling routes suitable for all ages

Easy Cycling Routes in the Lake District: Scenic Rides for All Ages and Abilities

Nestled among the rolling hills and still waters of the Lake District, you will find cycling routes beckon families and leisure riders of every stripe. From the leisurely pedals around the lakes to the gentle climbs offering rewarding vistas, these accessible paths are your ticket to a world of tranquil beauty. As guests of the cherished Borrowdale Gates Hotel, you are perfectly poised to embark on a two-wheeled odyssey like no other. With our guide, uncovering the grandeur of the Lake District at your own pace will be both an enthralling and rejuvenating experience.

Family-Friendly Trails

For a retreat from life’s unceasing hastiness, family-friendly trails meander along the placid shores and through the lush greenery near Borrowdale Gates Hotel. Picture yourself and your loved ones gliding effortlessly alongside the mirrored surface of Derwentwater, to the soft symphony of rustling leaves and lapping waves, where time seems to stand still.
Family outings in the Lake District are made even more memorable when enjoyed along its picturesque trails, which boast gentle gradients and safe paths that are perfect for families with children. Here are three family-friendly routes where nature’s splendour is accessible to all:

Brockhole on Windermere:

This gentle lakeside trail offers families a chance to explore the beautiful shores of Lake Windermere, England’s largest lake. With a variety of attractions including an adventure playground and treetop nets, it’s a paradise for children. Learn more at Brockhole’s official site.

Tarn Hows:

Tarn Hows is a stunning, accessible spot often cited as one of the most family-friendly walks in the Lake District. It features a picturesque tarn and an easy-to-follow path. Families can enjoy the spectacular views and an array of wildlife. Plan your visit via National Trust.


The trail around Derwentwater is an ideal route for families, offering breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding peaks. The well-maintained paths are suitable for young cyclists and walkers, and there are plenty of spots to stop for a picnic. Find out more at Visit Lake District.

Each trail is rich in natural beauty and safe for young adventure seekers, providing the perfect setting for a family excursion into the heart of the Lake District. Along these trails, you’ll encounter enchanting woodlands, shimmering waters, and perhaps even a friendly squirrel or two – engaging younger hikers and creating lasting family memories.

Beginner’s Paradise

If you are looking for something a bit tamer, beginner cycling routes provide mellow ascents, so your focus remains solely on the untouched beauty surrounding you.

Derwentwater Loop

Start your adventure on the gentle trails of the Derwentwater Loop, approximately 10 miles of easy-to-navigate paths that promise minimal traffic interruption and allow riders to build confidence as they take in the tranquil surroundings of the lake.

Grasmere to Rydal

Another inviting route is the Grasmere to Rydal path, which is perfect for beginners wanting a short but scenic ride. Meandering through lush greenery with occasional waterfront views, this trail is about 5 miles long and offers a peaceful biking experience. The low level of difficulty means new cyclists can focus on the gorgeous vistas without the stress of challenging terrain.

Coniston to Torver

For those seeking a slightly longer ride, the Coniston to Torver trail is an excellent choice. With around 8 miles of track alongside the Coniston Water, this route provides easy paths and the chance to enjoy some of the iconic views of the Lake District’s fells.

Hawkshead to Wray Castle

The Hawkshead to Wray Castle trail is a favourite among beginner bikers. A mix of lakeside views and forested paths, this trail spans roughly 4 miles and leads to the impressive Wray Castle, offering a historic endpoint to your cycling tour.

For more detailed information on these beginner-friendly routes and to plan your Lake District biking trip with confidence, visit the Lake District National Park’s cycling page. Not only will you find specifics about each route, but also tips on cycling safety and ways to make the most of your visit to one of the UK’s most cherished natural landscapes.

Accessible Cycling

Embracing the open road has never been more inviting for cyclists of all abilities. Our meticulously curated paths are a testament to inclusivity, offering gentle terrains that meander through lush landscapes. Imagine trails with smooth, even surfaces that welcome riders using handcycles or adaptive bicycles—each route thoughtfully designed to make sure cycling is enjoyable and fun. Wheelchair-friendly access points are abundant and rest areas are more than mere stops; they are comfortable retreats with easy-to-use facilities.

Scenic Highlights

The Lake District is not merely a destination; it’s a beautiful natural wonderland waiting for you. Envision yourself gliding along serpentine routes that unfold to reveal the area’s most breathtaking vistas. Everywhere you look, there are beautiful landmarks, from the calm shores of Windermere to the majestic Scafell Pike. Enjoy the beauty of nature, with its vibrant flora and fauna. Watch the sun dance on the water’s edge and let the sounds of wildlife be your soundtrack. These breathtaking views create lasting memories.


Keswick, nestled in the northern heart of the Lake District, beckons you with its blend of postcard-perfect views and a friendly community spirit that warms the soul. It’s no wonder that this charming town claimed the honour of the UK’s most beautiful escape. The backdrop of majestic fells and the shimmering Derwentwater invite both quiet reflection and exploration. Stroll through the market town, discover eclectic shops, and cosy cafés, and feel an enchanting sense of belonging in every cobblestone and smile.


A stone’s throw from the poetic Grasmere, Ambleside appears at the northern tip of Windermere, embodying the quintessence of picture-perfect beauty. This quaint town, with its historic buildings and bridges, is a gateway to numerous trails that promise adventure and distraction in equal measure. Savour the serene atmosphere of the lake and delight in local gastronomy in waterside eateries.


In the heart of the Lake District lies Hawkshead, a village that feels as if it has been carefully lifted from an old English fairytale. Its car-free cobbled streets, whitewashed cottages, age-old inns, and courtyards teeming with flowers, create a nostalgic and restorative retreat. Hawkshead not only offers a soothing escape but also serves as the humble custodian of rich literary and artistic heritage.


Kentmere, a secluded valley cradled within the Lake District’s rugged fells, offers escape to those seeking respite from the clamour of the outside world. The valley’s streams, expansive pastures, and woodlands form a natural sanctuary, one where the interconnectedness with nature can be deeply felt. Here, time slows down, allowing visitors to journey through the landscape at a pace that nourishes the heart.


Cartmel, with its old-world charm and modern gourmet delights, Offers a memorable culinary experience that lingers on the palate. Famous for its ancient priory, village square, and boutique shops, Cartmel is synonymous with the finest English country living. But it is the sublime local dining, including the famed sticky toffee pudding, that has made this village a destination for those who find joy and connection through the love of exceptional food.

Local Tips & Services

If you are a first-time visitor to the Lake District, we extend a heartfelt invitation to immerse yourselves in the peacefulness and beauty of this special place. Pack comfortable footwear and a sense of adventure; the fells and valleys beckon with paths to explore. Remember, the weather here is a fickle friend—always carry layers and a waterproof jacket to stay warm and dry. Gather route descriptions and downloadable maps for your cycling adventures, easily found with a quick visit to Lake District National Park website. Additionally, keep your cycling journey fresh and exciting by subscribing to the Lake District newsletter, which delivers the latest insights straight to your inbox. To enrich your stay, make a stop at the Visitor Information Centres found in our lovely towns; here, warm smiles and knowledgeable locals provide invaluable advice, tailored walking routes, and insight into hidden gems. In each town, local guides eagerly await to share their love for the Lake District’s history and landscapes. And should you yearn for a day of leisure, our concierge services at Borrowdale Gates Hotel can arrange anything from a picnic hamper brimming with local produce to transportation for a quaint village tour. Remember, our community thrives on weaving connections with every traveller’s story, so you’ll depart feeling like a local, carrying with you memories—and perhaps a slice of sticky toffee pudding—that will beckon you back to our scenic retreat. For further details or personalised guidance, do not hesitate to contact us at 017 687 77204. Embrace the opportunity to lose yourself in the sheer enchantment of the Lake District!

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