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Romantic Outdoor Activities in Lake District

Romantic Outdoor Activities for Couples in the Lake District

For adventurous couples who want to skip the usual candlelit dinners and rose bouquet routines, the Lake District offers an attractive alternative. Known as a haven for adrenaline-seekers and nature-lovers alike, this UNESCO World Heritage site offers rugged fells, serene lakes, and breath taking valleys–perfect for an unconventional and memorable romantic getaway. If you’re dreaming of a romantic escape with outdoor thrills and natural beauty, Cumbria’s Lake District has just what you need.

Scenic Hiking Trails for Couples

The Lake District welcomes hikers from all over the world with its uncommon landscapes and diverse trail options. Enjoy leisurely strolls to exhilarating climbs and test your limits of adventure. This region offers a wide range of experiences for all hiking enthusiasts.

Cat Bells

The gentle ascent of Cat Bells serves couples a rewarding hike, finishing with stunning panoramic views of Derwentwater. The trail weaves through gorgeous greenery, with captivating lake vistas all along the way.

Helm Crag: The Lover's Challenge

Helm Crag offers a more challenging route for adventurous couples. Affectionately known as ‘The Lion and the Lamb’, the summit features fascinating rock formations and provides a sense of achievement for pairs to cherish together. Thrilling views of Grasmere await those who reach the top—don’t forget your camera!

Castle Crag: Intimate Moments with Historic Ruins

For those seeking an intimate retreat, Castle Crag is an ideal hike. A modest climb leads to the enchanting remnants of an ancient fort, a unique setting for couples to enjoy secluded moments. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Borrowdale, it’s a scenic haven for lovebirds.

Romantic Mountain Biking Adventures

Experience the exhilaration of mountain biking on some of the Lake District’s most well-known trails:

Whinlatter Forest Trails

Whinlatter Forest offers an exhilarating mountain biking experience for romantic adventurers. Couples can tandem cycle through mixed woodlands, as they navigate the altitude and challenging terrains. With trails designed for varying abilities, partners can share the thrill, whether soaring down descents or together managing technical sections, all with stunning Lake District vistas.

Grizedale Forest Adventures

In the heart of the Lake District, Grizedale Forest presents a mosaic of trails winding among sculptures and woodland art. This unique setting provides a blend of culture and adrenaline, ideal for couples seeking both beauty and excitement. The forest’s undulating trails encourage playful races and moments of peaceful connection, set against ancient woodlands.

The Borrowdale Loop Experience

The Borrowdale Loop offers quintessential Lake District scenery, with challenging climbs and breathtaking, panoramic views. This area brims with rivers, waterfalls, woodlands, pastures, crags, and fells. It’s a paradise for avid photographers. The trail features a total ascent of just over 400 metres. Participants should expect a few challenging steep stretches and patches of loose and uneven terrain.

Prepare to be captivated by the intricate details and spectacular moments that await you on these awe-inspiring trails!

Kayaking or Canoeing on Scenic Lakes

The Lake District of the UK is a sanctuary of tranquil waters and scenic landscapes, where kayaking or canoeing transforms into a romantic escape. Enjoy peaceful solitude and the amazing landscapes on these pristine waters.


Derwentwater is one of the largest lakes in Cumbria’s Lake District, brimming with beauty and set just south of Keswick. With its sprawling waters, wooded hills, and a collection of picturesque islands, Derwentwater is not to be missed.

Opt for a kayak or canoe to stop at popular spots like Keswick, Portinscale, or the acclaimed Lodore Falls. Take a break to explore the area on foot along the many trails that weave through the inviting landscape.


Enjoy a romantic kayak tour on Ullswater, England’s charming lake fringed by mountains and serene hills. Glide over seven miles of water with your special one, taking in the sights of islands and beaches. Start your adventure in Glenridding village, where you can also find sweet gifts and helpful tips at our Information Centre.

Coniston Water

Set beneath the towering Old Man of Coniston mountain, Coniston Water, holds the distinction of being the third-largest lake in terms of volume in the Lake District. Just a short walk from Coniston village, you’ll find the Boating Centre where you can rent boats for two or book your boat online. Make sure and cheque the winter schedule for cruise times.

Glide across the glassy water and then spend some time visiting Coniston’s welcoming village. Don’t forget to grab some ice cream from the Bluebird Café—a favourite local treat!

Rock Climbing or Via Ferrata for Couples

Rock climbing and via ferrata adventures in the UK’s Lake District offer couples a chance to strengthen their bond through shared challenges and awe-inspiring vistas. The incomparable beauty of the area, with its towering crags and soft lakes, provides the ideal setting for pairs looking to escape the normal routine and tackle the thrills of vertical ascents.

Rock Climbing at Shepherd's Crag

For couples seeking a thrilling and trust-building activity, rock climbing at Shepherd’s Crag offers an amazing experience along the idyllic stage of the Lake District. The hushed environment belies the adrenaline rush and physical challenge of the ascents, fostering teamwork and deepening connections as partners communicate and rely on each other for every manoeuvre.

Via Ferrata at Honister Slate Mine

Grab your partner and tackle Honister’s Ultimate Adventure together! The Honister Slate Mine is one of England’s last operating slate mines. The mine is a favoured destination for visitors in the Lake District National Park and best seen clipped in to the rock itself. Experience heart-pumping moments with extra cliff-edge action, a swinging bridge, and a ladder in the sky.

Adventure Zip Lining or Treetop Adventures

Experience the thrill of soaring through the treetops on zip slides, rope bridges, and Tarzan swings at Go Ape Whinlatter or Treetop Trek. This exciting course, suspended high above the forest floor, offers a daring adventure for you and your group. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Grizedale Forest in the Lake District National Park. The Zip Trekking Adventure, featuring seven parallel zip lines, is the crowning gem of this enchanting forest.

Wild Swimming or Waterfall Chasing

The Lake District in Cumbria is one of the top places in the world for wild swimming. You can choose from swimming in rivers and lakes to bathing under waterfalls, with plenty of perfect spots all over the area for a full-on Lake District experience. 

Except for Ennerdale Water, Haweswater, and Thirlmere, you’re free to swim in any body of water. Keep in mind that popular areas might be busy with boats at docks and jetties. Also, the weather can change quickly – stay alert and plan your swim. You can find more details on the Lake District National Park’s website, and make sure you come prepared for your swim.

Aira Force

The allure of Aira Force cannot be understated. This marvel of nature is a destination for lovers and adventurers alike, boasting spectacular waterfalls that cascade through a lush, verdant gorge. A network of pathways and bridges offers multiple vantage points, allowing visitors to capture the splendour from various angles. Picnic spots near the falls serve as idyllic settings for couples to unwind and drink-in the sounds of the flowing water.

Stickle Tarn

Stickle Tarn is a small tarn sitting below Pavey Ark, high up in the mountains within Langdale Pikes. Whether you’re an experienced swimmer or a beginner, Stickle Tarn provides an unmatched experience. The tarn can be accessed via a steep path from the Sticklebarn pub following Stickle Ghyll all the way up the valley.

Easedale Tarn

After hiking up a steep path to Easedale Tarn, you can enjoy a swim as a reward. The tarn, located in the upper Easedale valley and surrounded by hills like Tarn Crag, can be accessed via a path that starts near the Grasmere youth hostel and goes by Sourmilk Ghyll waterfall. Before reaching the tarn, you can also swim in a clear rock pool along the way. Easedale Tarn, at approximately 480 metres in length, is a popular location for swimmers looking to swim longer distances. There are sandy areas along the shore that are perfect for entering the water and having a picnic.

Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Adventures

Participating in outdoor activities in the incredible Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage site, requires meticulous planning and preparation. Before setting out, make sure you are well-equipped with the right gear suitable for the terrain and weather conditions. Take the time to carefully plan your routes, considering the level of difficulty and the points of interest along the way. Stay informed about the local weather conditions for a safe and enjoyable experience.

While exploring this stunning natural landscape, remember to always respect the wildlife and adhere to the principles of Leave No Trace. Be mindful of your impact on the environment and strive to leave it as pristine as you found it. Every moment spent in this outdoor paradise is a precious opportunity to connect with nature, so take the time to cherish the unique vistas, still lakes, and beautiful scenery with your loved one.

Escape to the Heart of Adventure in Lake District

Dare to be different by escaping to the Lake District. Celebrate the majesty of nature and the thrill of adventure with your significant other, creating lasting memories in one of the most romantic and invigorating settings the UK has to offer. Ready to start planning your adventure? Contact Borrowdale Gates Hotel, where luxury and outdoor adventure meet, experience it all in the Lake District. Call now at 017 687 77204 or visit Borrowdale Gates Hotel to book your romantic getaway!

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