Windermere record & CD fair 29th – 30th April!

Throughout the year there is to be a record & CD fair hosted in Windermere! Selling vinyl records in the UK, the Ladyholme community centre has been visited by Vinyl Collectors from all over the country and visitors from around the world, and this year should be no different.

The records that are sold at the fair contain major artists like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, The Beatles and even David Bowie! Many genres from folk to punk, reggae to easy listening pop and R&B to Northern soul!

The prices of the vinyl aren’t for those who aren’t willing to go high, in fact many of the vinyls can cost up to £500 only for the most dedicated collector. The CDs however, are for everyone with a much cheaper price.

The fair isn’t just for buying vinyl or CDs advice will also be given for those who are curious for advice to Sell their Vinyl Records For Cash vintage records they may have in their attic to make sure they don’t have a big source of money they don’t know about.

The fair has free entry and parking with tea and coffee available.

After the fair come & stay at the Borrowdale Gates Hotel!

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